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Thermal Shrink Machine Getra
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Thermal Shrink Machine
Shrink Packaging Machine is a tool used to package products with thermal heat mechanism to shrink plastic on the surface of the product.
Available in 2 types:
1. BS-260
Dimension cm (l x w x h): 100 x 44 x 56
Tunnel size cm (l x w x h): 80 x 26 x 15
Capacity: 15M / min
Power 220V / 1P / 50Hz: 3000W
Product Size: 20x10 cm
Max load: 5kg
2. BS-G450
Dimension cm (l x w x h): 160 x 70 x 130
Tunnel size cm (l x w x h): 120 x 45 x 5.5-23
Heater size cm: 105x6
Power 380V / 1P / 50Hz: 6000W
Conveyor loading: 5kg
Speed: 0-10
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