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Filling Machine Paste Filler Portable Getra
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Filling Machine Paste Filler Portable Getra
Filler machine is a machine used to fill liquid / pasta products with the same dosage on plastic packaging, bottle, etc.
With the accuracy of charging +/- 0.2 ~ 1ml. Made of stainless steel and hygienic.
This Filler works with the help of wind compressor (not included).
Application of filler paste: for shampoo, dish soap, yogurt, vegetable oil, tomato sauce, fruit jam, etc.
Type GCG-A Portable Filler:
- Dimension cm (l x w x h): 103.5 x 28 x 35
- Vol compressor wind: 400L / m
- Wind compressor pressure: 0.6Mpa
- Power wind compressor: 3
- Standard content dosage (ml): 50-100ml, 100-250ml, 200-2000ml, 1000-5000ml (optional, sold separately)
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